About WebMe

WebMe was founded in 2000 and has continued to go from strength to strength since its inception as a web design agency.

Founded on the principles of excellent customer service and a desire to meet every individual's needs at an affordable cost, we developed our own systems to provide our clients with the tools that they needed to run an effective online presence for their business.

We identified, at an early stage, that many businesses with websites were being charged exorbitant amounts for web hosting and for routine maintenance of their website. Our solution to this was simple: offer all customers the ability to maintain their website themselves via an online control panel that is available whenever they need it - at no extra charge. The advantage to the customer: they no longer need to contact and pay their designer for changes to their site; the advantage to us: we no longer needed designers and developers tied up maintaining existing websites.

As our business grew so did the services that we offered our customers and so did the systems that we had developed to make our customers' lives easier. Because our systems are all developed in-house we can respond directly to the needs and requests of our customer base. If a customer has a request, the chances are we can implement it.

Our passion for customer support and customer satisfaction led to us create our online ticketing system. With this system customers can get personal support from one of our experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; many companies claim to offer this but few do so in practice.

As WebMe grows our customers benefit; despite implementing hundreds of enhancements to our systems and investing heavily in our hosting infrastructure we have not raised our prices in five years.

Try us, talk to us, meet us. We are happy to engage with our customers and offer them continued advice on how to maintain a persistent, high quality online presence and achieve website success.