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Christmas is on our doorstep and this will be the final newsletter of the year!
As always we have been busy designing new sites and developing the Control Panel as we strive to give you the best, most feature packed Website/Hosting package on the Internet.

New Features

  1. Image Manager - we have added an online image manager. Using the manager you can list all of the images that are available to you via your page editor. You can (and have always been able to) upload images to insert into your page content via the page editor but previously you would have to manipulate the image in the package of your choice prior to upload. If images were not resized, for example, then you could end up with very large images in your page that are scaled to a small size but that take a long time to load. Now you can resize your images online with the image manager.
    Other functionality includes rotating images, cropping images and altering brightness/contrast.
    We will be adding new features soon such as the ability to delete images, upload new images, copy and rename images.
  2. Twitter Feed - our Twitter feed is now available on the Control Panel Login page so that you can see the latest news at a glance.
  3. Hosting Guides - for those of you that are just using our excellent value hosting package there are a series of hosting guides available from the Control Panel. Currently the guides available are Planning your website, Building your website (HTML & CSS), Marketing your website and Improving your website. We hope that you will find these useful.

Payment Terms & Conditions Update

We have altered our payment terms and conditions. Whilst we do not like imposing strict rules on payment as we grow we are finding the process of chasing payments is taking more and more time. We have revised our Payment T&C and request that you all read them, they are available here.
We are also in the process of automating all of our billing processes so that violation of these terms will be processed automatically. If you have problems with payments then please contact accounts by opening a support ticket.

Technology Overview

We mentioned our technology in the first newsletter. For those of you who would like more info you can read about the technology that powers your website here. You can also take a virtual tour of our data centre!

Twitter and Facebook

They are great ways of promoting your website and your visit and even Google is starting to look their way. Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites, great for advertising and getting new leads. We have a Facebook page and Twitter account, why not become a fan (on Facebook and write about your site on our wall) or follow us on Twitter.

Well that's it for this newsletter, we hope you made it to the end!
May you all have a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

See you in the next newsletter,


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