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The first half of the year is almost over and we are very nearly into Summer (where's the weather gone?)
As always we have been busy working on new websites and also a number of improvements to your WebMe Control Panel.

In this newsletter we let you know about a new top level domain type that is soon to be released, have an important notice for those customers using Frontpage extensions in their websites, reveal our great customer service statistics and let you know about SEO.

.CO Domains to be released shortly

You can now pre-order the brand new international domain name .CO with us and for only £27! .CO is the new domain extension that offers a truly global, recognizable and credible domain name for individuals and organizations to build their businesses and brands.

The benefits of .CO:

We will automatically submit all .CO domain name pre-orders once registration for .CO domains opens on 20th July. We cannot guarantee all .CO domain name pre-orders will be successful as they will be registered on a first come first serve basis, however we will submit all pre-orders the second we are permitted, to give you the best chance possible. If we are unable to register a .CO domain name, you will be refunded all your money.

Log a support ticket if you are interested in a .CO domain name.

Frontpage Extensions no longer supported

From 1st May we began the process of discontinuing support for Microsoft FrontPage Extensions on shared hosting. In June 2006 the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for UNIX were deemed to be "End-of-Life" which means modern versions of Apache cannot run the extensions. By removing FrontPage extensions we can benefit from the enhancements, security and features that are in the newest versions of Apache.
Affected customers will have been contacted individually.

100% of support tickets answered within 12 hours

Our support department have answered all of your support tickets within 12 hours of the ticket first being logged; and a staggering 90% of tickets were answered within an hour!
We are confident that our competitors do not offer the same excellent support service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is one of those areas where you will receive vastly different solutions from whomever you contact to do your SEO work.
What is SEO? Simply put, SEO is the process of ensuring that your website features well in the search engine search results by building good content. The two go hand in hand (good results and good content), however what is good content?
From a search engine's point of view good content is something that is in depth and relevant; so how does a search engine, which is a computer and not a human, decide that the content it has found is in depth and relevant?
There are a couple of key ways in which a search engine rates websites: 1. The number of relevant websites linking to it, 2. The relevance of the text within the website.

You can access our Website Marketing guide via the Factsheets section of your WebMe Control Panel. This guide has a wealth of information if you are serious about marketing your website online.
We have also introduced a domain name search function in the Control Panel under the Useful Links section; it can be prudent to register names associated with your business to prevent others from doing so.

WebMe also offer a range of SEO packages and we have also teamed up with a dedicated SEO company for those really serious about increasing their reach on the Internet. Contact us for more details.

That's it for this newsletter. If you wish to discuss anything mentioned here in more detail then please log a support ticket.
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